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Here Kitty, Kitty

I have a weakness for retro glamour (all glamour, really). Which is why I am on the hunt for a chic pair of cat’s-eye sunglasses. I’m not interested in those with rhinestones on the edges – it’s the shape that I enjoy and I would be perfectly happy with a simple black pair.

My search for said sunglasses has so far been unsuccessful. I feel sunglasses are personal – like shoes – and you really need to try them on to make sure they flatter your face so Internet shopping is only good for research. I thought I’d try a vintage store for them but all theirs really were old – and prescription – leaving me dizzy and empty-handed.

So my quest continues. Something tells me I’ll find them in the most unlikely place. Out of all the shapes available  for sunglasses I think the cat’s-eye is really under-represented in the retail market. Maybe that’ll change  in the future but for now I’m feeling like a feline on the prowl!

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A Trench Coat Affair

Trench coat from Primark, Spain

Trench coat from Primark, Spain

This Spring I became convinced that my must-have-item would be a trench coat. Not just any trench would do. I’ve had (ok have) a few… but I had something really specific in mind for this one.

My must-have  list:

1. Needed to be knee length or higher

2. Needed to be khaki colour

With those two features in mind my search began.

Like most things it’s good to start at the top. I went straight to the Burberry website. Nobody does trenches better then them – they did invent the trench coat, after all. After seeing that short trench coats were popular (and really cute!) I looked to see what stores/brands in MY price range had the jacket that met my above criteria.

I tried on a few before finding the one that was just right. Much like Goldilocks.

Khaki can be a hard colour to wear – and that is only heightened when a. it’s next to your face and b. you happen to have blond hair. It’s really important to make sure the Khaki doesn’t wash you out our make you look sickly.

If you are petite a short coat is a good way to go. It will still keep you warm without swallowing you in fabric – and it’ll give you a chance to show a little leg!

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Ahoy, Trend!

Spring is upon us and there is one thing that’s clear; the sailor trend is back!

Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses and Primark trench coat

Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses and Primark trench coat

This is one of my favourite looks, possibly because I grew up sailing so those anchors are near and dear to my heart.

That being said, I think it’s the kind of trend that can be executed well or look a little costume-y. Take one sailor element, your shirt, your necklace, or pants and mix them with non-sailor items (a floral would even work!)

For instance, when I see a boat-neck  shirt with a rope made heart screen-print  I don’t pick it up because it is far too literal a look. Dive into those thick or thin blue or red horizontal stripes, and while you’re at it throw on some red nail polish or some red lipstick so you still look like a girl but a sassy one… who might, when provoked, drink, swear or party like a sailor!

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