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Nailed it

You know the old adage; a whole closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? I feel like the same can be true for a drawer full of nail polish bottles. Or the struggle that goes on at the nail salon when they ask you to “pick your colour” and it takes a lot of time because, unlike Goldilocks, you can’t find one that’s “just right.”

Nail polish can certainly add “polish” to a look and it most certainly adds personality and personal expression. I know I’ve fallen for colours in the bottle but on my fingers they just didn’t work. I think I’ve tried all colours under the rainbow, save an actual rainbow on my hands and I’ve narrowed it down to my favourites that seem to depend on the season, and more importantly, my mood.

There are some colours that work all-year-round. They’re seasonless. I have a nude colour; OPI Samoan Sand. My go-to color is always red. I have orange-red for my fingers, Nicole by OPI Bonfired Up! and a truer red for my toes, OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry.

In the summer, I gravitate towards coral reds or bright pinks; they look so nice with a tan. My current bottle of coral is Revlon 806 – Red Hot Tamale and for hot pink I’ve got two; one that’s more matte by Sally Hansen and an iridescent shade by wet n wild 236 – Lust.¬† I also have OPI Elephanstastic Pink, which is perfect for tanned toes.

For Fall, I’m interested in branching out. I’ve tried grey; OPI You don’t know Jacques!, blue; OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui, green; OPI Jade is the New Black, purple; OPI Black Chery Chutney. But what I really wanted to get my hands on – literally – was brown.

It started about 3 years ago when my family celebrated American Thanksgiving at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado down in sunny California. We were having our Thanksgiving dinner in their magnificent Crown Room and I happen to notice a well-dressed guest with beautiful brown nails. I’ve been on a quest to get myself some brown nail polish ever since! It’s also taken all that time for brown to hit the mainstream and I couldn’t be happier about it. I was so excited when I saw in a magazine that Essie would be launching a new brown for fall 2010, Essie #728 – Little Brown Dress and equally excited when the wait was over and I found Revlon 903 – Hot for Chocolate.

I think Brown might be the new black, or at least a softer choice for those that want to wear a dark polish but can’t quite pull off those rocker-chic black or dark blue nails. It’s a neutral so it goes with everything and with names like “chocolate” and “espresso” it definitely invokes feelings of all things yummy.

Last but not least, if you’re going to skip the salon and give yourself a mani, be sure to remove the cuticles; Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover is great for that, and to keep the polish on and not chipped, use a top coat. I’m thrilled with Essie to dry for; it adds instant shine and help my polish dry faster – who could ask for more!

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I DIY… do you?

I enjoy being crafty. It’s my creative outlet. I used to have a sewing machine at the foot of my bed and I’d dream up ideas and craft them when I woke up. I get inspired all the time and sometimes I see things that I like… but could love with a little tweak. I’ve been known to already have ideas in the store of how I’m going to change something before I even take it home. I am not afraid to take scissors to something – with exciting results! Awhile back I had a lot of fun with this book: Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt. It’s a great book full of lots of ways to take a boring t-shirt to a new level.

I’ve been doing it all my life so I’m excited to see the up trend in Do It Yourself projects of late. Anyone can do it. All it takes is a little ingenuity and some supplies!

This hat caught my eye in Fine Finds‘ shop window one night walking home from yoga class. I loved the pop of red on the black background… and I’m a sucker for flowers, especially roses. With Fall quickly approaching a project idea came into my head and I was excited to give it a try. This past weekend I went to the local fabric store and spent a whopping 50 cents on a piece of red felt fabric. I pulled out the red thread and needle from my sewing kit and did a little online research for some ideas on how to make a rose. After trying a few different techniques this was the site that gave me the best results. The felt hat was one that I had bought a few years ago at Urban Outfitters and it welcomed the fresh new addition. I’ve lightly tacked it on and I can just as easily¬† take it off or move it around as I see fit.

The Inspiration

The Materials

The End Result

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