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j’adore coco

I found this blouse on the weekend in North Van (a stop on our trip up to Lynn Canon for some hiking).  Since then I’ve been so excited to wear it. Tonight we’re going to Kaide Sushi (our favourite sushi spot) with a couple visiting from Spain and I was going to save this shirt for that but… I’ve already worn it at least twice this week – it just always feels like the right choice (my steamer has come in handy!)

Have you ever bought something that you just couldn’t wait to wear?

Blouse: H&M (Thrifted), Jeans: Miss Sixty (Thrifted), Shoes: TOMS, Stockings: Custom (Thrifted) Bag: Chanel (Consignment), Watch: Timex (Zellers), Big pearls: Nygård, Long pearls: Jacob, Brooch: Brooch: Chanel (Flea Market), Earrings: Nikko


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